-- -- net art bunker show -- -- by Pit Schultz

an re:enactment from the first berlin net art show

1 Februar 2019 - 11 pm  – 24:00


About the reenactment

around 1994 Pit Schultz presented with diapositives a series of net art exhibtions in the location of the berlin techno club bunker.
This slides were shown while the party continued. This Slides were screenshots from the early net art works done by Alexei Shulgin, Heath Bunting, Vuk Cosic and JODI et al.


Pit Schultz (born 1965) is an author, artist, computer expert and net activist. He lives and works in Berlin. Together with Geert Lovink he founded the genre of net criticism and published various articles. Schultz also co-founded the mailing list nettime.org and the technology lab bootlab. For many years, he has been a member of mikro e.V. and runs several net-based radio stations and co-founded reboot.fm in 2004.